Dog Grooming Facilities At Our Studio

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Grooming Facilities

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A friendly and professional grooming service for dogs in Lee–on–the–Solent, Gosport and Stubbington.

Our Grooming Studio

I groom from a purpose built, quiet, clean and safe studio, providing a stress free environment for your dog. As I only have one dog in the studio at a time, there are no holding cages or drying cabinets.

Hydro Bath

I use a hydro bath to provide a superior bathing and cleansing experience for your dog.

A dog hydro bath is a combination professional dog bath; a dog bath and shower all in one. There are two water tanks within the hydro bath, one with pure clean water and the other tank has a shampoo and water mix.

For medium sized and large sized dogs with longer and thicker coats, the pump system built into the bath makes the shower head so powerful that the mix of shampoo and water penetrates the dogs coat getting right to the skin helping remove any dry dead skin cells and other materials that can be hard to get rid of. The shampoo mix water is emptied then switched to the clean water tank to rinse the dog. For puppies and smaller dogs (or those dogs who are nervous), I would use the less powerful shower head to shampoo and rinse your dog.

grooming facilities
grooming facilities
grooming facilities
grooming facilities

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